So, you want a blue tongue? Please read here!


Sales Process

A sales post will be made when babies are ready on Facebook as well as through our newsletter for subscribers. We do show off a ton of pics on social media when babies are born but if the post doesn’t say for sale, please don’t ask. Showing babies does not equate to babies being for sale. 

Once babies are posted they are first come first served. We do not have a wait list or take reservations.

When a litter is available we will have a number assigned to each baby. Let us know what number skink you are interested in and we'll let you know if it’s still available. It’s good to have a few choices in mind just in case. And please be timely with your choice. There are usually quite a few people waiting behind you to choose.

Payment Process

Once you have picked your skink, full payment is required through Square. We will do a short term payment plan of two weeks if needed. A 25% non refundable deposit (which is applied to the final total) will be required to hold your skink. If full payment isn’t received by the specified date between us, the deposit will be forfeited and the skink will be put back up for sale. That being said, we understand things do happen. We're very easy to work with, and good communication goes a long way.


Buyer pays shipping. We use ship your reptiles. Shipping typically runs $30-80 depending on location. We only ship within the continental US. No international shipping. Shipping is totally dependent on weather. The weather needs to be at safe temps at origin, hub, and destination before the animal is shipped.


Northerns (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia) will START at $425 plus shipping. (this is not set in stone) 

Further Information

We hope this will help to answer any questions regarding the upcoming season. Blueys are our favorite reptiles to work with in our 12+ years of keeping. We started with one, then 6, and just kept going from there. They are very addicting... Once you own one you'll understand why they have become so popular.