Northern Blue Tongue Skink Care Sheet

☐ Enclosure: A 40 breeder tank is adequate for an adult blue tongue. 

Substrate: We use cypress mulch (ex. Forest Floor) or aspen shavings for northerns. For Indonesian species cypress mulch should be used  to meet their higher humidity requirements. 

☐ Basking: You can use whatever bulb gets your basking surface temp to 105 degrees. Heat lamps can often be found fairly cheap at your local hardware store (ex: clamp light). You may need a higher or lower wattage bulb depending on the temps in your home. A basking spot can be as simple as a piece of slate from the hardware store. 

Hide: Cork bark or any approved reptile hide. 

Thermometer/Hygrometer: Temps should be measured with an infrared temp gun.  The cool side is suggested to be between 70-80 degrees.  As mentioned above, the basking surface temp should be around 105 degrees. For a Northern blue tongue skink, it is suggested the humidity level remain between 50-60 percent .  For irian jaya, humidity should be at least 60 percent. 

Feeding: We suggest a high-quality, wet dog food (ex. Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Logic, Instinct or Wellness).  Stick to poultry flavors. 

Feed a portion the size of your skinks head. Feed daily until they wean themselves down, usually at 3 to 4 months. As adults they should only be fed weekly. 

Supplements:  Calcium and D3 should be added to every feed.  We use Miner All indoor formula by Sticky Tongue Farms.  We also use a multivitamin such as herptivite once a week. 

Files coming soon.